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Have you ever experienced a loose screw?

Loose screws can be very frustrating, especially if its on a door hinge, door knob or something used frequently. You try to tighten it and it just keeps turning and turning and turning......UGH!

Follow these easy steps for quick fix:

Here's what you need: Wooden toothpicks, screwdriver, Elmer's Glue and a hammer.

1. Remove the loose screw. If there is more than one screw, determine if its safe to remove them all at

the same time.

2. Insert a toothpick into the hole temporarily to determine the quantity you may need.

The goal is to almost fill each hole with toothpicks and take up the gap. It may take more than one.

3. Once you determine the number of toothpicks, take them out of the hole and put some Elmer's glue

on the ends and insert back into the hold. Give a little tap with a hammer.

This will help create an even more sturdy bond.

4. Break off the excess toothpicks flush.

5. Allow the glue to dry at least one hour.

6. Put the screws back and tighten down. Voilà!

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